Tegral Truck Trident Placement


The growing range of Tegral products has been developed primarily as a result of customer requests. Buchanans Group loves to hear from a customer if they are having trouble sourcing a consumable product and will do the utmost to to find a competitive solution. The team at Buchanans Group have a long experience in manufacturing and engineering design and this experience is channeled into our production processes resulting in competitively priced and good quality products.

It is our passion to create and manufacture products with input from our customers. We love this as suggestions that will improve the products’ ergonomics come right from the user; the people who actually use the products on a daily basis.


Buchanans understands that in today’s technologically connected market branding your product is more important than ever before. Buchanans, where possible, is willing to label our products with our customers branding.

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