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Welcome to Tegral

Tegral is a brand belonging to Buchanans Group. Primarily a Plastic Injection Moulding company, Buchanans Group is focused on manufacturing and supplying consumable and specialist products to the Australian industrial sector. Buchanans currently manufactures a range of stock products which are used in Building, Packaging, Survey / Horticulture and Transport / Load Restraint industries and are available to the market from stockists across Australia. Our focus is on quality and service and this means Tegral products can be relied on to make the end users life easier and allow them to get the job done quicker. Buchanans understands the need to keep manufacturing alive in Australia and has implemented a great amount of automation in our manufacturing processes. This has allowed us to produce quality products at competitive prices. We have a continuing focus on the development of new specialist consumable products. If you are having trouble sourcing a high volume plastic product then please contact Buchanans today! We will be glad to work with you to evaluate if we can produce the product competitively for you.

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